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The other day I was browsing through my Flag Counter.  Hard as it may be to believe, I put that thing on my site, and then for the most part, I have forgotten about it.  However, on the aforementioned “other day” I noticed that of the 51 United States plus District of Columbia, I have a reader from each of them except Delaware, North Dakota, and Rhode Island.  I have to admit, I am perplexed.  What have I done to so offend the readers from those illustrious states?  Actually, since none of you have read my blog, how on earth could I have offended you?  From what I can tell so far, the other states have not been besmirched by having produced readers of my blog, so I entreat you to give it a try.

But since you aren’t reading this, you couldn’t possibly know this, could you?  Therefore, I am entreating all my other loyal, Gentle Readers:  If you know someone who surfs the net, and lives in one of those three states, would you please send them a link to my site?  If they will post a comment, I will even dedicate a blog post to the first from each state to do so!  Since April is NaPoWriMo, and I am endeavoring to pen a poem each day this month, (I’m not posting them all yet – but my 30 favorite will be posted at the end of the month), I am presenting this little ditty in honor of the great states of Delaware, North Dakota, and Rhode Island:

I will not be trite and ask you,
“What did Della wear?”
I’ve more respect for your citizens
Than to post such common fare!
The beauty of the First State
Deserves poetic imagery
Describing all the wonders
Of your floral and faunal menagerie.
North Dakota!  What can I say
About you? You are legendary!
You’re the friendliest state, or so I’m told
Everything else is secondary.
Which brings me to Rhode Island
The smallest, but only geographically,
The wonders of your state are large
As evidenced photographically.
So tell me, citizens of these three
Why have you not logged on?
If by chance I’ve caused you harm
I offer my back to be flogged on!

So – once again, I put out the call to my readers with friends or acquaintances in the States of Delaware, North Dakota, and Rhode Island:  please ask them to log on.  A prize will be given to the first from each state to make a comment!

Hopefully, I have now solved that little site-glitch of mine.  At least, I hope I’ve done enough. . .