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Because I had nothing better to do, (actually I have LOTS that is better to do, just nothing that I WANT to do.  Housekeeping would be nice, I suppose, but that particular odious task is forever at the bottom of my to-do list), I had a glance at my stats and saw that at that particular moment I was 1099 visits short of my 10,000th visit since I came over to WordPress, on September 29, 2010.  I’ve set myself a goal to achieve my 10,000th visit by April 30, 2011.  Ten thousand visits in almost exactly seven months, let’s see now. . .(I’ve  nothing better to do now than perform a bit of arithmetic.  Feel free to check it – I’m notoriously bad at it.), that works out to 1,428.571428571429, (ad infinitum) visitors per month. 

 I wonder at what stage of gestation is that partial person?  Let’s see now. . .that means that 1,428 people will have visited each month, plus an additional 0.7054673721% of a person.  How that fetus managed to visit, I don’t know, but I suspect his/her mother had something to do with it.  But I’m not picky – I’ll take all the visitors I can get – I love having visitors – especially commenting visitors. My microscopic visitor probably didn’t comment, as I received no “glub-glub”-type comments, but then again, if s/he could make a visit, perhaps s/he spoke plain English as well? I guess I’ll always wonder, unless you are willing to ‘fess up! And, now that I think about it (I admit, that is getting pretty hard, now), there will have been 7 of you micro fetuses by the end of this month, which also means that the first one is almost due to be born!  Well, I have reached the limit of my mathematical pondering skills – my mind is reeling.  If someone out there cares to explain it to me, in a way I could understand, I will be most appreciative.

Those of you who are keeping track – I had a visitor from North Dakota yesterday!  Yes, my Gentle Readers, “floridakotan” dropped by for the nonce, and informed me of his/her presence!  If s/he supplies me with a mailing address, the prize for my first North Dakota-person to visit will be sent post-haste!  Still waiting on Delaware and Rhode Island!  Surely someone out there has an internet-connected friend or relative from one or both of those states.  Come on!  Remember – I’ll take even partial persons! If they ring the visitor’s bell for that state – it counts!
You have now arrived at the NaPoWriMo portion of my post for the day, and I will switch to a more serious tone; so here is today’s poetic entry:

The Music in the Center of the Storm
©2011 Paula Tohline Calhoun

The muffled sounds of countless drums
beat on our roof last night.
The percussion of each drop of rain
lashed by wind against the tin –
though thunder rolled,
and lightning flashed –
yet were we safe, we trembled not.
Cloaked in love,
and safe inside our home.

Our house is built on rock
A firm foundation. Our home
Secure and steady through the tempest;
God’s gift of faith will transpose storms
To melody and rhythms in the night.
And lulled by such sweet music
Resounding with the joy of peaceful hearts,
We sleep, on wings of love, we soar.

Blessing on you all, my Gentle Readers, the blessings of enough. . .