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I had a sister-in-love named Deborah (Debbie, Deb).  When she and my brother were divorced, she automatically jumped back over into the friend category, where she had been before her marriage.  She is still there, firmly and forever ensconced in my panoply of friends, and today is her birthday.  She is one day older than I, which makes her the elder of the two of us, a fact I was always eager to point out.  Along with a brief limerick in her honor, I also am going to share with you a few of the photos I took today.  It was another beautiful day here in the Smokies – and warmer today which is nice, so, when Princess allowed me, I grabbed a few shots before she would impatiently yank her leash to get moving! 

The dogwoods are blooming prodigiously and adding their lacy beauty to the landscape.  The last of the pussy willows are yielding to the leaves, maple wings are showing off their red and pink hues, and there are a couple of rather amusing shots of some odd fir-cone formations on one of our giant fir trees.  Enjoy – and happy spring!

Dear Deb,
You’re sixty now!  You’re sixty years old!
How can that be? you cried
Last year you put your age on hold
But time will not be denied.
We can pluck and dye,
be sucked and lifted,
And in spite of all the tricks we try
To lose some weight, or have it shifted,
Time marches on. At times it seems
It positively races.
So get some sleep, ’cause in your dreams
You can erase its traces.

Q:  How does it feel, a year older to be?
A:  It beats the alternative, yes siree!

Hope you had a great day, Deb, and by the way, what is the price of lettuce these days?

May God bless you all with enough. . .