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Before I start writing my to-do list, I want to share with you a couple of birthday-related pics. One was given to me by Jean – she crafted it for me from the now-famous photo that was taken after Obama’s election.  I’m rather fond of it, although I will say that it makes me think a bit about Alfred E. Neuman, not so much from the caption, but the striking similarities between the two of us. Here, I’ll show you:

Scary isn’t it?  It certainly gives me pause. . .

Next up – this is a birthday card given to me by my husband yesterday.  I’m not sure if I have mentioned this in my blog or not, but it is one of the topics that has been known to come up in conversation whenever clothes shopping is discussed.  I have reached the age in which I feel compelled to cover my arms, at least from the shoulder to the elbow, at all costs.  The reasons are varied, but I have said on more than one occasion that if I went sleeveless, I would not have to wave hello or goodbye to anyone.  Just the act of raising them into the air, makes my flabby upper arms do all the waving for me.  So, in order to make me feel better, Hubs gives me this wonderful birthday card.

Not so bad, right?  Then here comes the inside message ;

He did sign it:  *Hearts* Ashley

So, on to my To-Do list:

1. Find something to do for Saturday’s post.  √
2. Post it. √

Well – that’s done!  Guess I’ve accomplished. . .

Oh, wait!  I forgot to mention – I’m closing in on 9,250 visitors – 750 more to welcome by April 30 – so please drop by when you can.  How does that old saying go?  “Vote early and vote often!”  BTW, still no sign of anyone from Delaware or Rhode Island, but North Dakotans are coming over in droves! (8, I think!).  Guess North Dakota really is the Friendliest State!

enough. . .