From a memoir on “Winning the Grand Prize,” a brief snippet.  Perhaps you’ll decide to read the rest of the story, found here.


“I was home from school one day when I was in high school, nursing a cold or some such. In any event, I remember that I was not with my Mom that day when she went grocery shopping. More importantly, I remember being at home, watching TV, when I heard her return from the store. After putting away the groceries, she went through the game pieces, and on doing so, she shouted out, “PAULA! Come here!” I didn’t know what she was excited about, but I hurried to her to find out. She was actually jumping up and down in excitement as she quickly pushed the game card and stickers into my hands.”


I wish to all of you a wonderful Palm Sunday, as we begin the week of the Passion of Christ, and all the blessings of enough. . .