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08 – Il Trovatore _ Act 2 – _Vedi! le fosche notturne spogli

It’s truly a Momentous Moment in Mystery – it’s actually History, not Mystery, but I couldn’t help being alliterative – but come to think of it, it really is a mystery why this moment is momentous, but never mind – just take my word for it.  You can also take Nancy‘s word, or you can get it straight from the Horse’s Mouth!

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, The World’s Oldest Blog is now One Year Old.  I know, it didn’t make sense to me either, but I’m just telling you what the article says.  Read it for yourself!  You can do that by clicking on the Horse’s Mouth.  I recommend that you do, because this blog is one of the most seriously funny blogs in the Blogosphere,  Blogland, Blogcity, or Blogworld, depending upon your domain of preference.  All sorts of historical facts and other tidbits are just waiting for your perusal and consequent edification.  I’m using big words to prepare you for this outstanding, uniquely singular and redundant exposition of a confounding compendium of delectable delights.  He draws, too.

Here is a photo of the IdiotEditor-in-Chief:

Relax, folks, the gesture is not obscene.  Not sure what it is exactly, but I have been assured (straight from the Horse’s Mouth) that it has a G or PG rating at the very worst.  In any case, his entire blog gets no worse than an NC-17 – so worry not – the kiddies are safe!  As I said, just ask the Horse’s Mouth!

OK, I’ll quit.  But, seriously, Gentle Readers, I highly recommend that you visit, then subscribe to Eric Baker’s fantastically funny, and almost too-true-to-be-lampoon Fake News periodical, The Anvil.  The link to the 1st Blogoversary post has been made several times above, but just in case you didn’t get it, or your want to go to the Home Page, here it is again:  The Official Link to the Home Page of The Anvil, by Eric Baker.

I will point out that Sir Baker, in addition to be an artist/illustrator (loosely defined), he is also a writer of excellence.  he was one of the winners of my 1st Blogoversary Contest.  The link to his winning entry is found here (instead  of the Horse’s Mouth).  You will see why it was among the winners.

My only complaint is that The Anvil is not published often enough, but if you make a comment on each one, he will entertain you with some very funny comments on comments – and keep them up, as long as you do – until the next edition comes along.  So, here’s to The Anvil!  Many, many more Blogoveraries to come!

An Anvil Chorus
©2011 Paula tohline Calhoun,
(not the Horse’s Mouth, but after this bit of idiocy, another bit of equine anatomy might be considered)

The strains of The Anvil Chorus
Ring in my ears as I read
The greatest provider of hard-hitting news
To ever be covered in bird seed.

It would be of course, if I decided to print it
But only after I’d read it.
Then I’d cover the bottom of Pepper’s cage
And leave it for him to “edit.”

But none of that would come before
I’d read and absorbed every word.
I would pass along the wittiest bits
Before giving them to my bird.

     So, read, Gentle Readers, and you will know
     that everything I’ve said is so.
     Read The Anvil thoroughly – don’t be cursory,
     And send a shout-out to Eric:   “HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!”
(OK, Eric!  Fork over that $100 you promised!  I think I’ve done enough. . .)