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Some photos first:  I guess the birds have become tired of my complaining, and a few are coming to visit – admittedly one or two at a time, but they are coming!  I’m hoping to have more and more to post as the days go by.  I also added a few more flower photos.  Flowers and Easter-tide seem to go together.  I am in joyful anticipation of Easter this coming Sunday – our huge (2,000 in attendance) combined service is a highlight of my year.  For larger cities and towns, 2,000 might not seem like a lot, but for here, it’s a nice number.  There will be lots of great music, a superb message, as always, and a beautiful stage setting – designed by my extremely talented and artistic Hubs.  I’ll try to get some decent photos to post next week.  In the meantime, we have a deeply spiritual Maundy Thursday service, and an electrifying and sobering Good Friday service.  I am so blessed to be part of a worshipping community that really works on reflecting the authentic Christ.

A Mourning Dove Sentinel


An English Sparrow taking some shade.


Sir Cardinal makes an appearance.


Im still waiting for his mate to show up.


Shes out there somewhere, waiting for him to finish eating.


Tulips. This is the popular variety this year. Ive seen them everywhere!


Yellow pansies, bright as sunshine.


Pansy - as blue as the sky.


Pansies, carnelian red.

For the Birds
©Paula Tohline Calhoun
From an upstairs bedroom window
More patiently than I
The focused lens awaits them:
A bird or two.  I sigh.
I know they come when I am not
Nearby to see them light
Upon the well-stocked feeder –
An avian’s delight.
I have whispered on the air
My lament to those who’ll hear: 
“Other than my haircut
I’m the same as I was last year!
Remember, when I watched you then?
You never paid me mind
And sensed, perhaps, my harmless ways
And knew I would be kind.”
I thought that I should wait awhile,
Then choose a different space
From a different vantage point, and
A not-so-threatening place.
Instead I chose to persevere,
The lens did not complain,
Besides, the weather had been stormy
With lots of wind and rain.
Then, just the other morning
I knew my ardent plea was heard!
By chance I passed the window
And saw, at last, one bird.
With slow and careful movements,
I snapped the camera’s shutter.
Low and behold, another came
And I could only utter:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you all
My feathered friends, you heard!
I will no longer fret and pace
Or speak a discouraging word.

Each and every time you come
You’ll always be a welcome guest.
Mi casa es su casa,
My nest is your nest!”

The question is, of course, to what did they listen?  Did they stay away because of my discouragement and grousing, or did they come at last in answer to my pleas?  Whatever the reason, I’m glad they came.  I look forward to lots more, and different varieties – in the past we have had birds of many different kinds and colors.  I’m looking forward to welcoming them back.  Some butterflies have been seen around lately, too.  Guess I’ll be busy in the coming days and weeks!Gentle Readers,  I pray you all the blessings of the coming Easter-tide, and I wish you, as always, enough. . .