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I wasn’t going to submit a photo for this particular photo challenge, but this morning, on the way to driving Hubs to work, we passed by the field pictured above.  The thought that came immediately to mind was, “Now, there are some lines!”  Then I remembered that a photo challenge theme has been floating around the blogosphere with that particular moniker, so, I thought (really, I did!) “Why not?”

“Lines” also got some of the “poetry juices” flowing, so herewith a NaPoWriMo entry:

Just a few lines. . .
©2011 Paula Tohline Calhoun

So many lines to contemplate –
Some like bees’ and some quite straight.
There are lines that stretch around the block
Some lines of music were penned by Bach.
Some people like to be dressed to the nines
By purchasing clothes from designers’ lines.
An actor’s lines must be memorized,
A writer’s lines never plagiarized.
Some lines are visible, and some are unseen
Graphically, some deviate from the mean.
In many relationships, lines might cross
Between husband and wife, or employee and boss.
Lines may arc, or dot, or break
Remember, a fault line tends to quake!
The life lines of lovers can be parallel
Just like two mounts on a carousel.
That could, perhaps, make their lives fight-free
But if the choice is up to me
I’ll take just a mite of disrespect
As long as we’d occasionally intersect.

Things to do, places to go, people to see!  This will have to be – for today, anyway – enough. . .