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OK, so today I am crazy busy getting ready for our Easter Sunday service tomorrow morning: 10:30 a.m., Long’s Chapel United Methodist Church, meeting for this Easter service at Stuart Auditorium, Lake Junaluska, North CarolinaAll are invited – if you are in the area, please join us.  Bring a flower to add to the “flower cross,” come at 9:30 for coffee, refreshments, and chatting/kibitzing with people very willing to do the same, even with people they’ve never met, and then join with about 2,000 fellow worshippers in a joyful celebration of the Risen Christ!)*

Hubs is still working on the set, plus the choirs will be in rehearsal along with the other musicians and dancers.  Weather is predicted to be PERFECT, as it has been for our Easter services the past two years.  Do I need to tell you I am excited?  Probably not, but I will say again that I am busy, and unfortunately not blessed with time to do some of the writing down of the ideas that are filling up my head. 

I have a great “lesson learned” post for you coming up next week.  Hard lesson – I’m trying to get over the pain it took to learn this one – but learned at any rate.  In any event, I can be assured that I will never make another one like it! Which is, of course, the best reason to welcome an occasional mistake or failure into your life.  If you are paying attention, they teach the lessons better than any success or perfection can!

So, here’s the subject of today’s post-title.  My brother sent me the following photo compilation and informed me that he was in the market for a new puppy (something I doubted, but was willing to go along with), and had decided on the ever-popular Labrador retriever.  He had narrowed down his choice of the different color-varieties, but wanted some help on making his final choice.  We were supposed to pick one from these four:

(*My missionary duties done for today. . .) 

So, seeing as it’s such a busy day, is that enough. . .?