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(Right now I am perturbed with WP because it has REFUSED to allow me to post these photos at the end of my blog.  No matter what I try, it keeps jumping them back up to the top, so you can ignore the way this whole post is worded.  The message is still the same!  BTW, if anyone out there knows what has happened in re this problem with getting my photos up where I want them, please let me know!)

Me being brief is rather an oxymoron (which lately I’ve decided is a word that means an idiot addicted to oxycodone!). I am going to be taking a **brief** holiday from my usual blogging. There will still be a post every day, so please do drop in and say “Hi!” It’s just that it most likely will be a photo or a brief limerick.

The reason for this “hiatus” is because I have failed in my obligation to get my “prizes” out to my Blogoversary Contest winners, nor have I finished putting together the book containing all the entries. I really want to get this off my “to do list” mainly because it’s something I really like doing, and also because it has been weighing heavy on me since I announced the winners the end of this past February! Please forgive my tardiness. I will do my best over the next week to ten days to get this done and mailed out. When the booklet is completed, I will post a message about it. Anyone who entered the contest will receive a copy for free. Anyone else who would like a copy – there are some great stories, poems, and photos, all centered around the theme of “Clouds” – please let me know. I will charge only my cost + postage – it should be fairly reasonable.

If any of my six winners have not yet let me know your photo choice for your “prize,” please let me know a.s.a.p. Indicate the photo number from the portfolio that was e-mailed to you. If you did not get it, let me know here or by e-mail: paulatc@hotmail.com. Also, please indicate the size you would like your print to be: 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″, or 8.5″ x 11″. If you have a preference of matte or glossy paper, let me know, otherwise I will make the choice depending on the photo and the frame I choose. I ALSO NEED SNAIL MAIL ADDRESSES FROM ALL OF THE WINNERS!! I believe that I have received most of them, but there are a couple I think who have been remiss!

Before bidding you adieu for the day, I thought I would let you know that I am closing in on my 10,000th visitor since September 29, 2010. That’s the day I moved my blog to WordPress from Blogspot. As of this writing I need only 130 more hits! My goal was to achieve that magic (??) number by the end of April, and if things continue at their current pace, I will “arrive” within the next day or two! THANK YOU ALL, my Dear Gentle Readers! You give me a boost every time I read your comments, which are always very generous. Considering the lack of brevity in my soul of wit, it amazes me there are so many who will slog through! It means a great deal that you are willing to share your time with me.

My word count is already creeping up way past what I thought it would be for this post (surprise! surprise!), so I will treat you all to some photos I took of our sweet Zoë this afternoon! She is 7-1/2 months old, and a very happy baby! She is a very easy and affable child who has wrapped all of us around her tiny finger. One look at her, and you will see why!

I have some stories to share – the promised one about a lesson learned, a couple more Popoki stories, and a tale of our Wonder Dog, Elvira – so, stay tuned! You just never know when I will be back in full form!

Dearest Gentle Readers – I wish you enough. . .