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I’ll post about the Easter service later today, I hope – if not, then tomorrow, and I’ll be including a bunch of recent photos.

This poem is a fairly recent post, but, since it is five sentences total, I decided to use it for this Sunday’s special.  I might add an extra sentence, though, just to be accurate – don’t want to break any rules!  Maybe the title equals a sentence!  Hmmm.  Anyway, here goes!


The Music in the Center of the Storm
©2011 Paula Tohline Calhoun

The muffled sounds of countless drums
beat on our roof last night.
The percussion of each drop of rain
lashed by wind against the tin –
though thunder rolled,
and lightning flashed –
we were at peace and warm within
Cloaked in love,
and safe inside our home.

Our house is built upon the Rock
A firm foundation. Our home
Secure and steady through the tempest;
God’s gift of faith will transpose storms
To melody and rhythms in the night.
And lulled by wild sweet music
We pray with ever thankful hearts
as daylight ends and evening starts


Blessings to all of you – the blessings of enough. . .