This was supposed to be posted on this coming Thursday, but I made one of my characteristic errors.  Oh, well!  I’ll have to come up with something else for that day.  Sorry to have flooded you with so many.  I was trying to get ahead, so I could get my to-do list tasks completed.


© 2010 Paula Tohline Calhoun

I do not know the “could-have-beens,”

only what has come to be:

I am the living consequence

of choices made by me.

Examining each separate leaf –

life’s book from its beginning,

how did joy emerge from grief

and losing turn to winning?

     I’ve learned the paths I’ve taken

     were never God-forsaken.

     Every triumph, each mistake

     led me forward, for my sake –

     mysterious signs directing me

     to hope and possibility.

     In spite of all I had and lost

     The price I paid was worth the cost

The lessons taught by pain and fears

Helped me to know that loss and tears

can nurture joyous fruitful years.


And so far, my dear Gentle readers, my life has been filled with enough. . .