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© 2011 Paula Tohline Calhoun

It is and always will be
That space between the lines.
The puff of air between the words
That emptiness defines.
The line of demarcation
Between what was and is to be,
The strokes of white above, beneath
The writer’s creativity.
The negative space that is required
Of every written word
The metric beat of emptiness
Sounded, yet unheard –
The greatest poets understand it!
Silence is an art –
And quiet spaces best reveal
The language of the heart.

When Sidey revealed her weekend theme, I was intrigued with the possibilities inherent within it.  If you are wondering what this poem has to do with her theme, you will have to understand that the way her post appeared on my screen yesterday is like this:

“This weekend the theme is


Have fun with it.”

When I went back to viewfromtheside to add my link, I saw that something had been added that was not there before!  Her theme announcement now read:

“This weekend the theme is


Have fun with it.”

So, Sidey, for what it’s worth, I did what I could do with what I thought your theme was.  I probably had more fun with it than I would have had if I decided to photograph a rotary or traffic circle!  I might have chosen to write something along the lines of “Turnabout is fair play.”  But turnabout and roundabout really aren’t synonymous. 

Anyway, this is my “roundabout” way of telling you why my take on your theme is probably quite different from what might be expected.  Besides, I sort of liked the “fill in the blank” idea, and decided not to scrap it and start over.  When you originally posted the theme, did you leave the word “Roundabout” out?  Wonder how it happened?  Must be fate. . .

I’ll leave the theme at that, then – a mystery.  I had fun.  Considering what work I have to do today, as far as my take on your “theme” goes, this will have to be enough. . .