The entry this week for Six Sentence Sunday is from a larger essay, including a poem, on the theme word, “metiér.” You can find the full piece here.

We all have our métier – that place where we feel we belong, where we find fulfillment, where we are most comfortable. But I wonder sometimes if the place we find ourselves in – the place where we have made ourselves comfortable – might not be the best place for us. Sometimes reaching beyond our comfort zones takes us to places we did not even imagine existed, and opens our eyes to wonders we never dreamed. If your métier feels cozy and comfortable, that is a good thing, I suppose; but have you ever thought about spending your life in another place, doing something else – living in a way that might require you to do something you think you cannot do? Could you stretch beyond your own prescribed stretching point? This square peg has occasionally browsed through the available round holes, and wondered, “Could I fit in?”