OK, OK!!  I know I have far too much time on my hands, but, really – DOESN’T ANYONE WHO READS OR EVEN GLANCES AT MY BLOG HAVE AN INTERNET FRIEND WHO LIVES IN DELAWARE???????

Now, I recognize that my blog is not to everyone’s tastes or proclivities.  So be it.  It takes all kinds.  The fact that such people are denying themselves one of the greatest blogs of all time – (at least it’s The World’s Sexiest Blog) surely cannot mean that they all for some reason or other reside in the great state of Delaware?  I mean, can it?  Really?  I’m even giving the Great State of Delaware a compliment – and top billing!  Notice the title?  I have also gone so far as to lay claim to Delaware as MY State!

So, come on – my pleas worked for Rhode Island – granted, only one “hit” from Rhode Island, but that’s one more than I had before.  I think my niece Susan, a former citizen of that illustrious State, helped me out a bit on that one – and North Dakota?  Hey!  I think I now have THREE unique visitors from that wonderful state!  Thanks to Floridakotan – and I still owe you a photo, by the way.  I’m in the process of printing up a bunch now for other purposes, so it shouldn’t be too long before a surprise arrives in your mailbox!

Anyway, here’s my earnest plea:

Delaware, my Delaware
I’m penning this poem for you!
Surely one of your citizens there
Could spare me one little view!

Perhaps you know a native well
Enough to ask a favor;
Or if you know Gov. Jack Markell
Tell him his photo is my new screen-saver!

Whoever raises the Delaware flag
Upon my flag-counting widget
Will have the right to swagger and brag
That you’ve helped me to cross this bridge! It

May not seem like much to you
But to bloggers like I, now in their dotage
It would mean so much to someone who
Dearly desires to fill her quotage.

This poem’s also for you J.P.
I’ve not written for EIB in a while
It’s a one-stone attempt to kill two birds, you see:
Snag a reader from Delaware, and make you smile. . .

Enough of my stuff and nonsense!  Enough!