Does anyone out there remember the movie – probably in the 60’s or 70’s – called “If It’s Tuesday, it Must Be Belgium!”?  I remember precious little about it, probably fortunately.  I do remember it wasn’t particularly good, but for my purposes today, that doesn’t matter.  The movie’s plot was built around one of those bus tours through Europe.  The kind where you spend most of each day of a whirlwind 7-day, 6-night tour of Europe in a bus, whizzing by sites you seldom have the opportunity to do more than see as a blur out the bus window.

I have always refused to even consider such a tour.  I have absolutely no interest in seeing the outside of an attraction or have limited time inside of one that I could see better in a good coffee table book.  But this post isn’t about a bus tour – it’s about the  way my physical life has been going the last few weeks.  I honestly believe at this point that I am managing to survive on the very least amount of sleep on which one person can survive.  That’s probably hyperbole (I know – hyperbole, from ME? Oh come now!), but when the bedroom starts to lighten up each morning these last several days, basically all I can say, after I thank God for another day, is to whine a bit and say, “Yeah, Lord – another day? My days are 22-1/2 hours long.  I’m only getting 1-1/2 hours of night!”  By which, of course I mean sleep.

Now, I am quite certain that on some of those nights that I think I’m only sleeping for a couple of hours, I’m probably in some state of sleep that I am not aware of; by the same token, I do know that I have spent some nights during which my eyes simply would not close at all.  So my dear Gentle Readers, it’s Tuesday, and it is another day, and I am grateful, but I am very tired and out of sorts.

Therefore, you have just read the extent of my erudition for the day.  Following is a gallery of recent photographs.  I’m most proud of that pair of gold finches I managed to catch while they were feeding on the thistle sock.  I hope you enjoy them, I loved watching them through my sleep-deprived eyes.  That might explain a lot of the focus problems in these particular photos – my eyes weren’t focusing enough to adjust the camera’s focus!

Anyway, such as it is, here’s Tuesday’s offering.  It will have to be enough. . .

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