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The above is an award I received this morning, and by which I am very honored – particularly considering the abundance of extraordinary poets and poetry that were included for consideration.  I offer my thanks to Jingle and the whole gang at Promising Poets’ Cafe, and the numerous other sites that welcome the works of novice and experienced poets alike.

So, what better way of showing appreciation for this award than by writing a really excellent entry for “Excellence in Bad!”  Dear Gentle Readers, you know I must be tired to post such as the following schlock, but I hope it gets my message across! Cheers!

Perhaps I’ll be able to keep away
From fulfilling my promise of “Post-a-Day,”
Just for a little while – I’ve said it before,
But the need to step back a bit grows more and more.

I really enjoy staying in touch with you all
I’m great with the reading, but I have a down-fall:
While reading each interesting, well-written post
I feel compelled to comment to the utmost.

And then I’m distracted from the things I should do
But have been putting off because I’ve no desire to.
But there is one thing that has been calling to me –
My own volume of anthologized poetry.

So – just for a while, I think, I hope –
I won’t be writing so much of my soft soap.
The drivel I’ve been giving you all of late,
Will of needs be put off to a later date.

I’ll still be taking photos – at least I’ll try
And I’ll post one or two should they capture my eye
But please don’t forget me, or write me off
I don’t have a deadly disease or a cough.

Just a need for a while to settle myself
Clean up the clutter upon my shelf
And give answer to some actual calls for my work –
which have come my way! I’m going berserk.

So you may or may not see a post from me
But know that I’ll read all of yours, to see
What’s happening with each of you, as Sonya and I
Give some “serious” writing and editing a try.  

Don’t be concerned – but don’t forget that I’m still around.  If unable to restrain myself, I will probably drop in a comment or two, but I really am going to try to discipline myself to get my ducks in a row.  I will be reading my e-mail.  And – I will always respond to direct comments to me – even if it’s just a smiley or a winkey!

Thanks to all!  Farewell – for a little while – maybe!  You have all shared with me your abundance – you have showered me with enough. . .