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Photos below of fruit on the way, veggies already prolifically here (through no work of our own, obviously), and some of our usual bumper crop of honeysuckle and poison ivy. . .

You are all welcome to come to our garden. Ashley has done a wonderful job this year of getting our flower beds in shape, and planting perennials. I am doing an excellent job of appreciating it all and watching the fruit, asparagus, and the weeds grow!

We have such abundance to share! We have been given enough. . .

Honeysuckle blossom - the vines surround the perimeter of our yard and spread their sweet fragrance all around.


Poison ivy. Almost makes me itch just to look at it!


Blackberries will be ready for picking soon - about a month away perhaps.


Lots of crisp, tart apples, too!


Wonderful, tender, delicious and prolific asparagus! You can see how well we weed our patch! They keep coming up anyway!


We'll have sweet cherries again this year! Hurray! Not as many, but enough. . .


Sweet, sweet grapes are coming too. They'll be ready much later this summer.