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In case you didn’t figure it out, today is Saturday.  I like Saturdays, except that now I am retired from work (other than writing – my “profession of choice!”), Saturday is like most other days, except my favorite – which is Sunday!.  I don’t even mind Mondays anymore, and I still like Fridays – especially since Hubs is home with me on those days too.  He works on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Even though he retired from his vocation as a work-a-day, 24/7/365 pastor, he took on a job as an associate curator at “The Heritage Center,” an archival center and museum for the history and memorabilia of The Southeastern Jurisdiction (USA) of The United Methodist Church.  He loves it, but those days are curiously empty for me – especially curious because even the days he is home, we both frequently are so busy at our chosen tasks that we hardly see each other.  But I know he’s home.  It’s a good feeling.

I am going to post for you a few cartoons that have been a source of laughter for me lately, and I have been saving for such a day as this. (Some of them are perfect for some of our more recent subjects of conversation here and elsewhere!) 

I am busy preparing and writing my review, for “The Novel Publicity Tour,” of Terri Giuliano Long’s new novel, “In Leah’s Wake.”  You will enjoy her novel, which is rather harrowing, but a worthwhile read, so I do hope you will get yourselves copies to read and give this new author a boost! 

If you didn’t notice recently, near the bottom of my page is an award I received as “#1 Blog Entry” for my review of “The King Whisperers.” Although I didn’t get the award for most readers of that post, this award means just as much to me, because it means I was chosen not just by The Novel Publicity staff, but by the author of the book, Dr. Kerwin Swint.  Thanks to those who did vote for me, or registered a “like,” or left a comment!  Your comments always mean so much to me, and my loyal, Gentle Readers are wonderful indeed!  So, stay tuned for tomorrow’s review of a great book, and remember to vote.  This time I’ll get the links correct! 😀

That’s all for now – hope it’s enough. . .