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Thanks to my darlin’ Kate, I have today’s post – done before daybreak, mind you!  Took no drugs last night, so I awoke for good at 2:30 a.m. EDT, and started going through my e-mails.  Came at last upon Kate’s about dandelions and it reminded me of a couple of my own poems.  One published here in my blog at some date in the distant past, I think, and the other included among my writings elsewhere.

So, even though I only got a total of three hours sleep last night, I enjoyed what I got, and. . .no drug hangover!  Yay!  Maybe work on my book, (I’ll be telling you all about that later), will be possible with Sonya today – she might be able to understand my voice now – which even I couldn’t understand the last couple of days.  I’d say things like “Asleesh, I’m goon to bed nooo.” To which I would reply to myself (Asleesh was there only in my mind), “Hunh? Wha?”

Herewith the ode to my grass (the lawn variety), and my paean to the lion’s tooth (teeth) in my lawn:

Ode to My Grass
©2010 Paula Tohline Calhoun

I love the shade of softest green
That grass can sometimes be;
A perfect carpet that I’ve seen
Beneath a shady tree.
And oh, how much I long for
Such beauty from my lawn, for
Some reason I have been denied
The chance to gaze and fill with pride
At my own lush scenery
And walk upon such greenery.
Instead, I’m forced to cultivate
A field of weeds, a parking lot
For every type of foliate
To cover every bare spot
Created by a dog or cat
That stops to poop or pee upon
And turn to yellow all that earth
I’d hoped there could be green upon.
My dreams of lush and soft perfection
I’ve placed upon the shelf
And pulled from there my sad collection
Of weeds, and let the lawn itself
Grow what it will, alack, alas!
Instead I dream of things I’ve grown
Like spiky leaves of crabby grass
And other weeds the wind has sown

 The Lion’s Tooth
© Paula Tohline Calhoun 2010
Do you see what I see? The land of my dominion!
Just one gentle, passing breeze,
Or even just a random sneeze
Can lift me up and carry me as on an eagle’s pinion.
And scattered into many parts, I go where’er I’m cast
And put down deep and lasting roots, wherever land is grassed. 
Do you know what I know? My life is never-ending!
My own seeds number in the millions –
And every one produces billions!
Pity all poor gardeners’ vain efforts at lawn tending!
Bitter poisons, mowers’ blades, all you have used to fight me –
Could never yank this lion’s tooth, so go ahead and bite me!

Another Ode to my garden capabilities can be found here:  https://paulatohlinecalhoun1951.wordpress.com/2010/08/18/and-now-for-todays-ode/

I offer my thanks to all of you, my Gentle Readers, for your kind forbearance of the less-than-my-usual mediocrity in blogging.  Your well wishes, prayers, and suggestions have all been gratefully received!  You are the best.

So with thanks to Kate, I have produced a post for my “Post-a-Day 2011” challenge. My assumption is that it is more than enough. . .