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How often have I closed my heart
And how often shut the door
On opportunities to serve
To offer back in gratitude
All that has been given me.
I’ve turned away some angels
Surely, disguised as sojourners,
Because I was distracted
By some imperfection.  Blind by choice,
Unwilling to face the eyes of need
That peered into the emptiness
Of my arrogant perceptions.
Have I ever offered all I have
Or given love where none is sought?
In avarice have my own desires
Shut out the opportunities
To entertain the spirits
God has sent to watch and wait?
In patience, staying close at hand.
They teach me once again the lessons
I’ve learned but fail to practice.
Yet God’s grace increases, manifold.
Offered without reserve, despite
Perhaps because of, my willful ignorance.
I pray for conscious will
To break the rusted locks 
And fling wide my self-sealed heart;
That I might welcome, without hesitation,
All those who come inside my gates.
I pray that I will never need to know
The reasons for my giving
Except the certain knowledge
that I might always be, in love, not pride,
Entertaining angels, unaware. 

© 2011 Paula Tohline Calhoun

My your rice bowls always be filled, and may you always be aware of the blessings of enough. . .