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This is a “quickie” second post for this day, and includes three brief items of interest to me, made me smile, and give me the hope that you will laugh and/or smile right along with me!

First of all:

WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHY NOT A SINGLE PERSON FROM THE STATE OF DELAWARE HAS EVER VISITED MY BLOG???   If I have offended any of you Delawareans, please visit my blog, tell me of my offense, and I will offer the appropriate mea culpa, and simply by visiting my blog that one time in order to complain, you will have accomplished for me my quest to get at least one reader from every State in the Union, plus Washington, DC! You will not ever be asked to visit me again, even though you will always be welcome.


I got today what has to be one of the greatest pieces of unintelligible spam I have ever received on my blog.  It is supposedly a response to my post “In Memoriam,” about Robert B. Parker.  I have to wonder if the person or persons who made this comment thought that any sane writer would actually allow it to appear in their comments section, even if Akismet or other spam blockers had missed it.  Here it is:

“Hundred robert would read more of seven, and i might need into that leighton one – watches that he could spoil four. Movado thought then. Shelby said into if the cobra, acknowledging another replica computer that through its squirrel grinning he how liquid head said, and when further you reached to be heavy to respond he of. Them strangled. Your new rolex is watches jersey. The batman started accommodated a costume in she the replica he explained a assassin on better, so in i spilled fache women was it will. omega watches Scuba diver had she upstream perhaps with he we? She were a diesel jeans and solved to my four replica. I have each non firing him on gun. Replica but her firearms, sales, handed he the bile cheerfulness, and asked the rich unfreighted way of the kryubi colorado. He are directly answer in her sinn to demand of i. They muttered the replica maybe through he. tag heuer replica watchesHer had there movado in clearance. Torgoen plucked to a infantry watches. He finally floated his replica best, pushed my cheap lv, and felt down the index. The two mont i has their blac watches not. A left how we held i – that said exhausted to be the jedi – and had make a replica along, issuing to launch after he from drowned, and password trousered been as her costumes, standing a building, and said was if, found and had, in of to be the day because my clock. Fawkes called a shore – despite – a – bag birkin replica discovery, the big – surrounding conversation stepped of a bed sail and the accelerator in all slaughter right thrown in 15 cross. Always him was from a small easy seikio watches and were you to be constructed. patek philippe replicaA cartier replica, by swiss, have obliterated certainly to someplace the banks and risk good expression. They swished another replica of youth, finding him off fell without its baseball. I couldn’t you to shift until fendi replica as a mckirdy’s watches of the table. Swiss holding he of, time. My louis painted innocent wracked into her marine vuitton from the outside towards theda. Him would load been out, and reshapen, back, or back at a atrocious and the seiko across all single, although how! Gabbana gapped. A fourteenth aaa, going in its gucci like handbag replica of the woman. She don’t it rested the vacheron. She was ripped of a replica, gray from a goddamn handbag that sounded aside armored to my china.”

I have decided that for some reason or other, my blog has been hi-jacked by some nefarious international spies, who are using my blog to pass on sensitive, highly classified documents.  What other explanation could there be for such inanity?  By the way, I removed the sender’s name, e-mail address, and the links, so hopefully you will not somehow be caught up in this “axis of evil” spy ring yourself.

And last, but not least, another favorite Larson cartoon.  This is a photo taken of a mug that has the cartoon on it.  If you cannot read the caption well enough, it is:

“The Bluebird of Happiness long absent from his life, Ned is visited by the Chicken of Depression.”

So, my dear Gentle Readers, next time you think you have waved “bye-bye” to the Bluebird of Happiness, be on your guard for the Chicken of Depression!  I hope all of you have that Bluebird visit you enough. . .