DELAWARE has, at last, been heard from!  I couldn’t believe it when I checked my flag counter this morning!

Please, mystery guest, come back and sign in please!  I would love to thank you personally.

Now – on to my next challenge:  getting a reader from every Canadian Province.  I have nine out of the thirteen.  The Provinces missing are:  Newfoundland/Labrador; Prince Edward Island; Northwest Territories; and Nunavut.  Anybody out there know someone from those territories?   I do know Anne of Green Gables on P.E.I., but as far as I know she doesn’t blog!

BTW – to all my Brit friends, I’m missing only one region from jolly old Great Britain:  Wales.  Any of you know someone from there who would be willing to “sign in please!”

For now, those searches are enough. . .