Sorry – to all my wonderful Gentle Readers, but for today (this morning at least) I’m reposting six sentences from part of last Saturday’s weekend theme post.  I will try to get something new up later today, but I don’t know yet – lots of things in my mind-hopper; I just don’t know what will pop out, if anything does!

Thanks for your indulgence.  I have altered the punctuation used in order to get exactly six sentences, but none of the words are changed.  To read the entire post, click here.

But the thing about words that differs from pictures – for me, at least, is that they appeal to more than one sense (including nonsense). As they are read, they can be spoken and heard; they can be deeply felt within the heart and soul, and with Braille, they can be touched and felt through the hands of the blind – and to each person who experiences words, something different is understood, and  different sounds, pictures, and feelings come to one’s mind. Words are magic. They can bruise and they can heal; they can kill and they can resurrect. I believe that every living thing has a language of its own, and some of that language will and must be poetry. Words can be dark, yes, but in my heart I always remember that the first words ever spoken conquered the dark – just these simple words:  “Let there be light, and there was light.”


For each and all, I pray that your rice bowl will always be full; that each of you will live in the abundance of enough. . .