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Yep!  You read it right!  The theme  this weekend from View From the Side is “folly.”  So, I thought I’d make it easy on myself by tossing off a little poem, which in itself was folly, because what do you rhyme with folly but jolly and holly.  All right, I did come up with a few more, but I really pressed the limits on this endeavor.  Anyway, I decided to be jolly about this folly of mine.

No Folly to be Jolly
© 2011 Paula Tohline Calhoun

How wonderful to have your mood jollical
Seeping out from each pore and follicle!
For when you are happy and jolly
You can take each and every volley
That foes might send you
Which they think will rend you
A grim basket case, but by golly –

There’s none like a competitive fool
Who will champ at the bit, and dribble and drool
Just to win all of the prizes
Unaware it’s his folly he devises:
He’ll walk off the court with a strut,
Thinking he’s kicked your jolly ol’ butt.
He’s not ready for any surprises.

You’ve got a lot in store for him.
For you are filled to the brim
With good spirits and plenty of smiles
You’ve shown through all of your trials.
No one has the power to make you happy
Whether you’re feeling good or crappy,
It’s your job to use your own jolly wiles!

You need not feel defeated
Nor think your happiness depleted.
Such fools cannot drain or diminish them
There will always be more to replenish them!
It’s amply restored when you give it away.
You’ll jolly well always have the last say
If you laugh all the way to the finish!

Now, do you all feel “folly-jolly” enough. . .?