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The following six sentences are from a post I did on Depression, Drugs, & TV.  The entire post can be found here.

“Happily, now, new pain-control techniques involving a combination of therapies including nerve blocks, topical analgesics, exercise, bio-feedback, and exercise have greatly contributed to the arsenal now available to physicians and their patients. I should know…all have been tried, with varying success, to deal with both the pain and depression. (One of my brothers once suggested I stop using the possessive when referring to illness – to not lay claim to it, as in “my depression,” or “my illness,” or “my pain.” He was right. Best to objectify it as much as possible, and try to observe it, rather than own it, or identify myself with it. I have since done my best to follow this advice, and it does help in a way to not speak of sickness as something that belongs to you, but as something outside of the essential human that you really are.)”

I wish all of you, my Gentle Readers – as always – the abundant blessings of enough. . .