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There is much that I would like to say,
And tell you all about today.
But there’s so much else that I must see to:
A visit with a doctor who said “I must see you!”
A hot-tub cleaner that I must greet
A trip to the pharmacy – ain’t that a treat!
This leaves me with precious little time
To write a great story, or pen a good rhyme!
I really don’t know what I’m crying about
After all, for a change, it’s not raining out.
We’ve had lots of rain of late, lightning and wind,
I should be happy it’s come to an end,
At least for the morning, who knows about later?
We might get hail, or thunder or “tornader!”
But I’ll quit my fussing, ’cause there’s one thing I’ll do
That will save me some time, and also please you!
Just think, my Gentle Readers, I’ve finished this post –
The short ones I write, I know you love the most!
So, except for my tag line  enough. . ., I’m all done,
Now off to the doctor – that’s what I call fun!

There really was nothing in particular that I needed to say.  I trust that this was enough. . .