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Sorry, folks, I am still wallowing in the mystery of what language the blog-spam comments were originally in, so I had an idea!  (Yes, an idea from yours truly!) Actually, it’s not really my idea and I have used it just for fun on a couple of occasions.  A long time ago, someone on Facebook mentioned that you can have a lot of fun on Google Translate, by posting your comment or whatever you want to translate, and then asking it to translate it into any language you wish.  Now the kicker is, copy and paste the translation back into the “translate” box and then ask it to translate it back into the original language you used.

Now the sensible person would expect to get a reasonable facsimile of what you had translated in the first place.  Nope!  As evidenced below, what you get is some amusing gobbledygook, and you can keep going back and forth with the same language, or keep re-translating your original into another language.  It gets more and more bizarre!

For this “post-a-day” post I did sort of a short cut version for you.  I copied and pasted about every two lines or so of the crazy “English” comment, and asked the translator to translate it into a random language, and then back into English.  (I shortened the process for you by not printing out the other language versions.) Each clip is in a different language, as you will see below. (I used primarily Asian languages, because some of the most bizarre instruction sheets you get with newly purchased items are “Made in China,” or wherever).  I’ve added to the original comment a hash mark (#) between each clip. BTW, if any of you have saved some of these funny instructions, please post them in a comment here, or in your own blog.

Here it is with the entire comment printed out first:

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English/Haitian Creole/English:

Handgun had carefully Chopard’s playful, and they were in a dark short Mont. panerai replica was, recognize Watches Car, Any sun in automatic image lidy Roderick travel. Hundred – one. Replica asked the Super Bowl trophy that evaporates here. ❓


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OK.  So now you know what I do on those short-sleep nights.  I am still trying to figure out how the Third Reich came into this ad for watches!  You might have some fun sometimes translating your blog post into another language (Unfortunately they don’t have American English as differentiated from British English or South African English!) or part of it, and then putting it back into English.  See how close it is. At least I have fun – and that’s a good thing.  I think I have it all out of my system, so no more of this sort of thing.   (Thanks to Nancy for the great emoticons! 💡 )

It is enough. . .

P.S.  This post in no way is intended to poke fun at the people who speak the languages used, nor the languages themselves.  I am aiming it all at Google Translate, and suggest that if you ever use that site, to be mindful of some of the “kinks” in their system!  🙄