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U. FO.

Before I get started with this weekend’s theme from Sidey, I’ll get a little business out of the way!  FIrst of all, I was stunned today to notice something about my stats!  Remember back in April, when I noticed that the 10,000 hits (since 9/29/10) marker was coming up? I wanted to register the 10,000th hit by the end of April.  Well I exceeded my goal.  And I just happened to notice that to date I now have over 15,000 hits!  Amazing!  (To me, anyway! :mrgreen: )  It took me seven months to get to 10,000, and now only two to add over 5,000 more.  Hmmm. . .will wonders never cease.  Of course, we all know that number has nothing to do with the pandering and groveling I have done in an effort to gain readers. It’s just been good old-fashioned hard work, and superb writing!  Right?  R-I-G-H-T!!!! 😉

Also, at the same time I bemoaned my lack of any visitors from the states of Rhode Island, North Dakota, and Delaware.  Well they all came through, God bless’em, and I now have readers from all 50 states, plus D.C.  Of course, not being content with that, I started a campaign to garner all 13 provinces of Canada (BTW, Happy Canada Day yesterday, to all my Canadian friends, eh?).  I still have the same 9, and have added no more, so let’s hear it from Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Northwest Territories, and Newfoundland/Labrador. Also, I’d like to “close the books” on Great Britain!  I have yet to hear from Wales!  Calling all Welsh!  Come out! Come out, wherever you are! Now, enough of that, except to say that I am not too proud to occasionally sport a “brown nose,” so. . .

One more thing before the eerie weekend theme:  Yesterday, on Ashley’s birthday, we went to Asheville and visited with our children, their partners (all except Adam and Dusty, :sob: ), and our Zoë.  While visiting Josh and Sarah Beth, we got to see Pepper!  He is doing GREAT!  I’ll post later on some photos of Pepper and Joshua singing together!  He loves Josh, and he has become so responsive, and he looks great!

Now on to the U.F.O.  Have you ever encountered (“close” or not) any of its “kinds?”  Well, I certainly have, and here are the many, many U.F.O.s I have witnessed:

Unidentified Flying Object:  That little mystery insect I photographed last summer.  I have since identified it as a “Hummingbird Moth.” Maybe it should now be know as an Ununidentified Flying Object!

Uncalled for Fear-mongering Opinionators:  Glenn Beck, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and on, and on, and, sadly, on. . .

Unappetizing Flattened Opossums:  seen on most country highways or byways every day in my part of the USA.

Ultimate Food Offerings:  Offered practically every day by The Only Cin!

Unflappable Friendly Opiner:  Nancy Hatch of Spirit Lights the Way

Uncanny Foretelling Octopus:  Paul – the now deceased eight-armed wonder who predicted World Cup winners last year.

Unique Fragrant Ovenbird:  The first turkey I ever roasted – it was certainly unique (thank goodness), and it was fragrant. . .(ewwww)

Unfinished Fugue for Organ:  My first instrumental composition. . .still unfinished, and always will be.

Unflying Feathered Ostrich:  all of them

Unequaled Fabulous Offspring:  Zoë Alyson Calhoun

That’s only ten of the UFO’s I’ve seen in my life.  There are tons more!  So, if you have never seen a U.F.O., then count yourself among the Unobservant Foolish Ones.  Counting up all the ones I’ve seen, I’m quite certain I’ve seen enough. . .