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Princess, ready for her walk, saves the day!

Bees in my bonnet were flying around
Making much less sense than sound.
In an effort to quiet all the buzzin’
I wrote an e-mail to my cousin.
But still my concentration failed,
And the buzzing all the more assailed
My mind; and filled with random thought, it
Tried to flee me, but I caught it,
For Princess barked for a walk outside,
So I took her out and let her be my guide.
We took nothing else with us on our walk
She snuffled the ground and let me talk.
And when her needs had all been met
She took me inside so that she could get
A cookie reward; then I realized!
The noisy bees had vaporized!
I went upstairs, and in no time
I sat at  my keyboard, and wrote this rhyme.

The moral of this ditty is:  When bees fill up your bonnet
Listen to a pet’s request, get up and act upon it!
A cure for such apian flu could be
A stroll outside, so your dog can pee!

Another Post-a-Day done!  Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!  I wish you all the simple abundance of enough. . .