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This “Shoe” cartoon reminds me of one of my favorite jokes, so in an attempt to emulate “The Laughing Housewife,” Tilly Bud, I’ll regale you with a joke:

A very rich elderly man died one day, after specifying in his will that he wished to be buried not in a casket, but seated at the wheel in his solid gold Cadillac.  The man’s family acceded to his wishes, and arranged for his burial.  As the large, industrial-size crane was lowering the gold Cadillac-casket into the grave, two bums were walking by the cemetery.  They stopped to watch the operation, and afterwards, as they walked away, one guy said to the other, “Man, that’s living!”

Now, of course, that reminds me of another story – this one is true, though!  When my Mom was a little girl, her Dad was a barber.  One of the things she and her siblings and friends would do on Saturday afternoons was walk downtown to her Dad’s barber shop and watch the barbers cut hair! (That always mystified me!  It sounds like it would be as much fun as watching paint dry; but those were obviously simpler times, and there were simpler pleasures to enjoy.)  She and the others would sit on the sidewalk outside the shop until the Sunday newspaper was delivered.  Because back then people didn’t work on Sundays, the Sunday paper was printed and delivered on Saturday afternoon.  They waited for the paper to come because another of the fun things to do was to buy the paper and read the “Sunday Funnies!”

Makes me think this post is a day late.  Sorry, Mom!  In any event, for the rest of you still here on earth, it’s soon enough. . .