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Choices, choices, choices. . .ah, the paradox of choice – the more choices one has the less able one is to make a choice!

My post for today is about e-books – a subject that has been flung around the blogosphere for quite some time, and will continue to be, I am quite certain.  However, one of my “Tweeps,” an erudite gentleman author known as J. J. Gannon, wrote an excellent essay on the life, death, and resurrection possibilities for all types of publishing, and it is well-worth the read.  Please take a trip over and check this one out.  Leave him a comment – I know he would appreciate my readers’ input!


I’m quite certain that I posted the following poem some time ago – but I haven’t been able to find it in my blog archives (probably because it’s under some other name, and I don’t feel like going through each and every one of the hundreds I’ve done just to find it!  Anyway, it is a fitting closing for Mr. Gannon’s essay:

Ode to My e-Books
© 2010 Paula Tohline Calhoun

Here’s to my books on a glowing screen,
and to the ones on CD.
Better than they’ve ever been,
read and heard simultaneously!
On PC, iPod, Nook, Sony or Kindle,
the total amount of money you spend will
depend on the types of gadgets you use
and the places you’ll be or the moments you’ll choose
to read or to listen: on a couch, in a car,
on the beach, as you jog – wherever you are!
For the great thing about these bits of technology
is the writing’s still there! And with no apology
I’ll point out to those who are reading this now, your
cyber-medium has brought you that power!
So here’s to our books! Whatever the media –
be it poetry, fiction or encyclopedia,
the pleasures derived from reading will be
forever available as long as we
can dismiss the biases we have for dust-jackets
and learn to peruse an internet stack. It’s
nice to imagine that some day down the road
we’ll not be bent low by the large heavy load
of books we’ve bought and need to build shelves for –
now that is a dream worth stretching ourselves for!
(Just one problem I feel needs addressing:
What will we do when our flowers need pressing?)


That is enough. . .