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Something I have meant to tell you
Somehow I forgot it.
Someplace in my memory’s queue
Somewhere it should be, t’was not, it
Someway or other walked right out, or
Someone wanted to distract me
Somewhat.  Therefore I must watch out for
Somebody who would attract me –
Someday I could be watching some
Somersaulting acrobat, who
Sometimes might decide to come.
Somedays, even swing a bat, too.

Anyway, there’s no more time
Anymore for my lexicon.
Anyhow, I’ll quit this rhyme.
Anyone who puts a hex upon
Anything I write or post:
Anywhere you blog – if you are
Anybody I know, you’re toast!
Anywise, this is done, FUBAR!

This started out as an amusing little project, an experiment of sorts.  Forgive me.  I try to console myself when I fail this miserably by thinking perhaps God was a child once, (Him/Herself forbid!), and regretted what S/he began.  Remember:  Even God, (pretending to be George Burns), admitted that the ostrich is a silly bird.

As my entire brain feels FUBAR, I will bring this to a close, with my usual, but no less sincere, wish that you all be blessed with enough. . .

P.S.  Now I remember:  One person from Wales has visited my site!  I finally got GB sewed up.  I’m still waiting for those same four Canadian Provinces, though. . .