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Country Nights with Dog and Elephant by ManicD Daily at http://manicddaily.wordpress.com/page/3/

 The stars are coming out, my friend
Soon the day will close
I promise I will get us home –
You can trust my nose!

 I’m really very strong you know,
Even though my tail is small.
Just wrap your trunk around it,
We’ll both be home before nightfall.

Some people think it’s very odd
We made friends with each other
I am so little, you are so tall
How would we play with one another?

But when we met each other,
Right from the very start –
We both knew we would be best friends –
We saw inside each other’s heart.

We thought we made a merry pair
With your trunk, great ears, and height,
Along with my keen sense of smell
And very good eyesight.

Everyone looks different, some
Short or skinny, tall or fatter,
What’s important is inside of us
Those other things don’t matter!

We have so much fun each day
We laugh and play for hours
Even when the rain comes down,
We dance beneath the showers.

So, now each morning when day begins,
After finishing our chores –
When the weather’s fine and fair,
We run and play outdoors.

And then, before the night comes,
You lift me up so high!
I ride upon your back and bark,
As you trumpet to the sky.

But when the sky looks stormy,
Or it’s too cold outside to play,
Warm and cozy by the fire,
We read and laugh ’til close of day.

We will always be best friends,
Wherever we may roam.
And no matter if it’s day or night,
We’ll see each other safely home.

This was written in response to the photo prompt above for Short Story Slam Week 6 – Children’s Literature (http://bluebellbooks.blogspot.com/2011/07/short-story-slam-week-6-childrens.html)

Now I have to wait for Zoë to be old enough to tell me if she likes it, when I read it to her!

Two more items to write today, then I will have done enough. . .