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Click the link below to see more photos of cats and dogs that have been fed through Freekibble.com


I receive a “Meow Trivia,” and a Bow-wow Trivia” question, each day in my in-box since I began to participate at the “Freekibble site.”  No money is required, just click your best guess on the “multiple guess” question – one question each for cats and dogs. For each click, the Halo Pet Food Company donates 10 pieces of kibble to animal shelters all over the world!  At the bottom of this post is a list of the 137 countries that are participating in this wonderful program.  It was begun by an 11-year-old girl, Mimi Ausland, from Oregon.  Her father helped her set up the website. but she has done the bulk of the organizing herself.  Her charitable work has mushroomed!  There are some great young people out there in the world today.

Here is the link to the FreeKibbleKat site.  Once you click there, you will see the link to the “Bow-Wow” page.  If you click on the box for an e-mail reminder, you will receive a notice each day that will link you to the sites, and just by guessing at a couple of questions, you have added your 20 pieces of kibble for the day!  This morning, I’ll share with you a little of the “CaTrivia.”  The answers are at the bottom of the post – but don’t read them first!  Have some fun – besides, most of the questions are really easy!  Here goes – just six little questions!

A.How often should you trim or cut your cat’s whiskers?

  1. Every 3-4 months
  2.    It depends on the breed
  3.    When they get past 3 inches long
  4. You should NEVER cut them.

B.This famous artist sketched a series of 20 cats and is quoted assaying, “The smallest feline is a masterpiece”:

  1. Andy Warhol
  2. Pablo Picasso
  3. Leonardo da Vinci
  4. Mycatangelo

C. Originating in the US, this cat breed is quite rare, likes to swim and is distinguished by their pure white paws.

  1. Snowshoe
  2. Pied Blanc
  3. American Socks Shorthair
  4. Colorado Mountain Rex

D. How much protein does a cat need to consume in their diet compared to
dogs and humans?

  1. 1/2 as much
  2. 6 times as much
  3. Twice as much
  4. The same amount

E. It is thought that the first cat to be given a name was named____, in the year____.

  1. Thistle, 950
  2. Augustus, 3300 B.C.
  3. Yergler, 1252
  4. Bouhaki, 1950 B.C.

F. Which one of the following US women’s soccer team players shares a name with a rare cat breed?

  1. Wambach (Abby)
  2. Rampone (Christie)
  3. Solo (Hope)
  4. None of them

Click on the Freekibble Site and see the list of 137 countries that participate in the Freekibble Program.  I’m quite certain you will find your own country on the list – so come and play along and get shelter animals a decent dinner!

I’ll have another post later on today, (most likely), but until then, let this be enough.

Answers to trivia questions:  A.-4; B.-3; C.-1; D.-3; E.-4; F.-4   How did you do?

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