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I was going to write a poem for this weekend’s theme from Sidey, but I saw this video, and decided to post it. (Actually, I have almost finished the poem, but will save it for another time.)

What if this young man had parents who loved him and cherished him?  What if he had been treated like a worthwhile human being? What if he had not left the orphanage?  What if he had not heard the lounge singer that day?  What if had not lived on the streets for so long?  What if he had the best education throughout his life?  What if he had never discovered his gift?

Yet, what if he wins?  What if his dreams are realized?  What if he gets the education and training he still needs?  What if he stuns his country and the world with his beautiful young voice?  What if he develops a true self-esteem and learns to love himself?  What if he finds people who will truly love him and want the best for him?  What if he changes the world?

Here is a video of a 22-year-old Korean man, singing on Korea’s Got Talent!  This video deserves to go viral, so please pass it around.  It brought tears to my eyes, but it still left me wondering, What if. . .?

What if he discovers who he really is?  What if he comes to see in his own life the abundance of enough. . .