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(For JRC)

When the house, holding within it
The home that you have always loved,
Is rattled, broken, or begins to lean,
New plans must be drawn.

Some parts kept and salvaged,
Recycled, perhaps saved for later.
But the foundation, strong as ever,
remains the same.  The hearth
still warms, the grate still holds
the kindled flame.  But
New plans must be drawn.

We must rearrange the floor plan –
Alter the spaces to fit the needs
That have changed.  New places
for new hopes, other dreams,
more memories made and shared.
New plans will be drawn.

A new house built upon the
footings poured so long ago.
Our house will be new,
Our home will always remain.
What has been destroyed
Will become mere ashes.
Generation to generation,
All that is loved will always be,
Never forgotten, cherished in
our home, within the house,

Where new plans are being drawn.

Viceroy Butterfly

Love to you all, with heartfelt thanks for your sympathy, kindness, and understanding.  We are all hurting, but mending – making new plans – moving ahead, great memories abounding.

You have all, my Gentle Readers, offered us so much.  You have given me enough. . .