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Those days when tears rob our breath, and
Sorrow follows a road that requires a toll.
(Those days we know cannot be real.)
The price has been set, fees exacted –
The gate ahead allows no escape.
There is no way to turn around.
Faced with no choices, we press on ahead.

Those days are not monochromatic.
The shades of the dark colors we expected –
(What we knew would hide our way) –
Surprises us with stars above, around
The lamp of the Paraclete, lights the path 
Guiding us slowly, one step at a time.
We dare not miss one moment of this journey.

There are those days:  those days we move ahead,
In spite of our reluctance, no matter how we fight;
Those days we learn about hope, about trust, about love –
Those days we learn. . . 

There are those days.


I pray for light upon your path; I wish you enough. . .