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You guessed it!  Still working on “Pepper’s Big Move” video – but I’m getting closer to completion.  I have not worked on it yet today, because I got to babysit for our Zoë all day!  We both had such a great time – I sort of hated to put her down for her nap!  I wanted to play some more, but I had worn her out and she was ready for a good nap!

Anyway, here are some cartoons that have amused me recently!  Hope you enjoy them too, and that once again, for now – it is enough. . . 

 The one below is a repeat, but I tossed it in anyway – I still laugh when I see it!


The one below is for Andalib – of “A Nightingale’s Blog.”  SHE’S BACK!!!!  Hip-Hip-Hoorray! – (for a gal who is always “Hip!”)  I don’t know if she has any piercings or not, but in my mind she has one in her belly button, and one in her right eyebrow, and three in each ear!  I don’t know why I see her that way, but I will tell you that she looks fantastic!!!

     This one was especially for our golfing son, Matt!

Thanks to Tilly of “The Laughing Housewife” for that one above – I loved it and stole it!