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This is my rough first production “video.”  The video was taken by Sarah Beth Corcoran, Joshua’s fiancée, and it was her first time with that video phone cam.  It is long.  I apologize to those of you who don’t have time to watch it all.  I added a sound track – it starts out softly, but builds a bit.  Also, the initial part of the video is very dark, but it adjusts in less than a minute, and becomes much more visible.  I do hope you enjoy this.  Pepper was having a good time. 

I have one other video to “produce.”  That one is much shorter, and one I know you will enjoy, because it features Pepper and Josh singing together.  Hopefully I will have that one up by next week.  Thanks for all your patience.  You will see from this video how handsome Pepper was, and why we loved him so much!  He was full of personality, and was always his “own self!”

He gave us a great deal, and left us with memories to last a lifetime – more than enough. . .