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Wordle Prompt for Short Story Slam Week 7

The sun had set, the night was starry
When I set off on a jungle safari
In search of the mystical coconut
I heard was buried ‘neath a hermit’s hut.
That’s just what the monkey said
When I gave him a slice of banana bread!

The monkey wouldn’t say another thing
Even when I offered to dance and sing!
My beautiful music and my dancing ability
Are quite well thought of among the nobility.
At least that’s what the Duchess said
when I gave her a slice of banana bread!

A sea turtle said, “Ask the monk for his aid,
Before you start your coconut crusade!”
Saying no more, she moved out of reach,
Went back to the sea and left me on the beach
I’m almost sure that’s what she said
When I gave her a slice of banana bread!

What I did next was search for a hermit
Who had built his hut without a permit
I learned about him  golden bird in a tree
Told me about him after I’d paid the fee
I’m certain that is what he said
When I gave him a slice of banana bread!

Deeper and deeper in the jungle I went
Searching wherever I was sent
I did find a hermit, but his hut was legal
He told me to follow the great bald eagle.
Then turning to leave, he politely said
“May I have a slice of banana bread?”

Suddenly an eagle called down from the sky
Asking me for a piece of pie
He said, “That’ll do!” when I told him what I had
He swooped down and told me, “Go find your Dad!”
At least that’s what I think he said
When I tossed him a slice of banana bread!

My jungle safari got more and more odd
When I tripped and fell over a fishing rod.
So I picked up the rod and baited the hook
To fish for my Dad in a nearby brook
I caught him, and this is what he said:
“Did you eat every slice of my banana bread?”

So I told him my story, like I’m telling you
And every word I said was positively true:
“A turtle, a monkey, two birds, and a hermit
Who, by the way, built a hut with a permit,
They’re they ones who ate it all,” I said.
“I didn’t eat a slice of your banana bread!”

My Dad told me firmly, “You’ve just had a dream!
Now kindly unhook me, and put me back in the stream.”
I did, he swam away, and at last, I spied the hut
Built without a permit, over a buried coconut.
Then I awoke, and scratching my head
I thought, I’d like a slice of banana bread!

As I ate a slice, I wondered why a hermit
Would ever want to build a jungle hut without a permit.
But if I should ever go on another dream safari
I will always plan ahead – better safe than sorry!
Now, ever since my dream, I take along with me to bed
A bag full of slices of my Dad’s banana bread!


(Written for Short Story Slam Week 7)

Always remember to take along enough. . .