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Our son Josh’s 34th birthday is this Wednesday, August 10.  After suffering so terribly from the loss of Pepper, I wasn’t sure he would be ready for another bird.  In this case, when I asked him if he would like to have a new young bird for his birthday, he was delighted.  He started researching what sort he wanted (at the price we could afford to spend – parrots like Pepper are VERY EXPENSIVE!), he decided he wanted either a parrotlet or an Indian Ringneck parakeet.

He found a reputable breeder who lived nearby.  (He decided to go with a breeder after consulting with bird rescue agencies – he looked there first, but none were available at that point, at a price we could afford.  Adoption fees are kept high to make certain the new families know what sort of financial and time  commitment they are making when they adopt a bird.  The money goes back into the rescue program.  He has signed up, however, to act as a “foster parent” for birds before placement.  He will have to take a course offered by the agency first, which he is looking forward to.)

This afternoon, Josh and Sarah Beth welcomed  a little 3-month old, hand fed and hand tame Indian Ringneck parakeet into their lives and home – and after meeting Andy – into all our hearts as well!  Hubs and I went over to their house this afternoon to get our first look at this beautiful bird.  Until they mature, at around 3 years old, we will not know if Andy is male or female (hence the generic name).  If the bird develops a black ring around his neck, and a black :mustache” marking on his face, we will know that Andy is male.  If Andy does not get the “ring around the collar” then Andy is female.  Maybe they will change the spelling for one or the other:  Andy for a boy, and Andi for a girl.  Anyway, she is gorgeous, and adorable, and already nuzzling on our shoulders, as you will see in the photos below. 

Here’s to a bit of sunshine in Josh’s life when he needs it most!  Happy Birthday to our wonderful, gentle, and kind son!  Here’s to Andy!  We are all so grateful for the blessings s/he is bringing into our lives.  We have all been blessed with the abundance of enough. . . 


Nuzzling and tickling my ear.


Andy likes the treats from Josh


Andy is a very social and sociable bird!


Getting acquainted with a new home.


Andy is a pretty bird!