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OK.  Here’s the deal.  Perhaps in the photos of me yesterday you noticed a bit of a shadow under my eyes, and maybe a bit of red scrapes on my nose.

Here’s what I look like this morning:

I would love to blame this on anybody else but myself, but I cannot tell a lie.  It was all me, once again.

I was putting Princess to bed (which amounts to escorting her into our bedroom, and her dashing into her beloved crate (which she could go in at any time, but wants to be escorted, thus coming up to either Hubs or me around 8 o’clock each evening and asking to be taken to bed.

I took her for a final “out” before taking her to bed.  Removing the leash, I told her to sit and stay.  She usually does, but in her eagerness to get in her crate, she just took off and ran in, no sitting or staying involved.  So I told her to come back out.  She wouldn’t.  She just crept back farther into the crate, and looked guilty as charged.  After several stern “Come!” commands, she refused, so I reached in to grab her by her halter collar and started pulling her – she was in no mood whatsoever to come out.  I managed to pull her part way out, and she just STOPPED IN HER TACKS!!!  I was not watching her, as my eyes were fixed ahead to where I was pulling her.  I was not prepared for the sudden stop, and I pulled, my hand pulled away from her halter and I landed FLAT ON MY FACE!  My rather large proboscis took the brunt of the force of this rather huge woman hitting the floor.  This time I somehow managed to think as I fell and avoided landing on my right arm, by sort of rolling left.  At first, I was quite certain I had broken my nose.  But after due consideration, and noticing no nosebleed, I decided it wasn’t (it isn’t).  But it hurt to “high hanna!”  I scraped my forehead a bit, too – my whole face hurt.

It just occurred to me!  I’ll blame Princess!  And she did it on purpose, too!  Hmmmm. .  . Anybody want a deceptively adorable dog?

The only thing originally visible was the scrape on my nose.  Next day, some suspicious shadows started appearing under my eyes.  Yesterday, even more.  This morning they are at what I hope will be the peak of the dual black eyes.  I’ll let you know.

Just in case you haven’t figured it out, I haven’t finished my other video and am therefore forced to entertain you all with my incredible clumsiness. 

There is something, however, that I am very grateful for.  The floor of our bedroom is very nicely and softly carpeted.  Had I landed almost anywhere else in our house it would have been on a hard surface.  Also, I had not yet removed my contacts and put on my night time reading glasses, which also averted a more serious injury!  Whew!  Then I would be posting a quite different photo, I’m sure.  So, you see?  There is always a silver lining – somewhere – deep within that cloud, which today is filling my mirror. . .

Talk with you later – ’til then, believe me – this is enough. . .