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By now, if you are a regular reader, you will know that all of my posts end with one word:  “enough. . .:  Occasionally, I get questions concerning what “enough” means, or why do you always use that word?  Shortly after I began writing my blog, over a year and a half ago, I was privilged to hear a sermon discussing poverty and wealth, obesity and starvation; need and plenty; too much and not enough.  That one sermon sparked within me what has become a daily reflection on the concept of what is enough, and a daily personal contemplation and re-evaluation of my needs versus my wants.  The following six sentences are from the post of March 8, 2010 entitled “When is Enough Enough?”:

I question my forgiveness, especially of myself. Then I am stuck in the quandary of whether I want to stay miserable, feeling sorry for my sins, but not doing anything, or actually taking the bold, and for me, energetic step of getting up and acting out my belief that I have been blessed to be a blessing, and not a self-satisfied, self-centered ‘spiritual couch potato.’

I start each day thanking God for another day in which to honor God not only in what I say, but in what I do. I close each day asking forgiveness for the opportunities God gave me that I ignored or overlooked. I have a longer list, it seems, each evening, because through study I am becoming more and more aware of things I can do yet fail to. I pray God’s patience with me…I know that God has not finished with me yet, and while I may take two steps forward and one step back, repeatedly, nevertheless, I am progressing. For one thing, I am beginning to learn what is enough for me, and I know that in divesting myself of the surplus I have, God is lifting the burden from me that goes along with having too much.

My wish, for everyone everywhere, is that they be blessed with enough.  Not too much, not too little, but enough.  To be blesssed with enough is having the security of knowing that you have both within you and around you, everything that you need.  Above and beyond that is my prayer for you all that you will be open and aware and grateful for everything that you already have.  The more you seek out and acknowledge your blessings in this life, the more you will receive.  It is a curious paradox- the realization that having recognized that all the genuine needs in your life have been fulfilled, you will be dazzled, amazed, and in awe of the abundance that is enough. . .