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Hope you can enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them!  I had a wonderful time.  The only problem is that so many of the animal exhibits have wired barriers between the animals and the camera – so if you notice little cross hatch marks on the animal (I tried to minimize them) or a rather large bar covering over part of the animal, that’s why!  The Knoxville Zoo is getting better and better, I understand.  Their exhibit of the red panda is one of the only in the US and greatly admired on an international level.  There is so much reconstruction and new construction going on, that many of the animals are in temporary shelters.  In addition it was VERY HOT, so the smart animals were under shelter somewhere.  In some of the photos you will notice that there is a sort of shadowy mist overlaying them – that’s because there was a constant misting going on throughout the zoo to cool off the animals and the visitors!  When the breeze blew in the wrong direction, it blew the mist right into the place I was photographing!  Enjoy, and thanks for the wonderful good wishes for my little mini-vacation away from home!

My Gentle Readers, I wish you all enough. . .