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Some more laughs were in my e-mail box over the last few days, and I thought you would enjoy them too!

But that's a good thing. . .

What Lindsay Lohan needed. . .

For all you "Sound of Music" Fans. . .

I softened you up with the cartoons, now here is my plea:

This is a brief announcement
To my little corner of the Blogosphere
This coming Friday my surgeon and I
Have another date, but have no fear!

I’m supposed to be in and out the same day
So here is my tentative plan
I will post, but just in case I can’t
Is there a guest-blogger for me who can?

I’ll let you know when I get home –
Which should be early that afternoon
You don’t have to do very much at all
A  story, a poem, a photo or cartoon.

You can even do a repost of your own
That we would all like to see and/or read again
The one who volunteers will be the one
Who will be my blog-friend forever, Amen!

And if by chance there is more than one
Of my circle who volunteers to help me
I could use some aid with all my posts
This weekend, if you would my help be.

This ditty is slowly breaking down
(And it wasn’t great from the start)
So I’ll quit now, saying, “Please help me!”
And this plea comes (you guessed it) from my heart!

(The surgery is possibly two-fold.  It will definitely be a repositioning of the ulnar nerve in my poor old right arm, and hopefully he will have the time to do the fusion on the end joint of my right thumb.  This makes arm/hand surgery #9 – and I don’t want to go for #10!  I will be very grateful to anyone who can help.  If you can, just e-mail me at paulatc@hotmail.com, or leave a comment here and let me know how to get in touch with you on Friday.  Friday will be a time-crunch for me, plus I will be “waking up.”  Usually the worst part of the pain is on Saturday and Sunday after a Friday surgery, so help on those days would be great too!)

After being cursed with that awful ditty (I must be off my feed!), and such an impassioned cry to aidez-moi, I think you have all had enough. . .