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Ever had one of those?  Well, today (yesterday) I  had a “nor’easter” of a brain freeze. Which means that almost nothing has been accomplished in the writing department.  I mean. . .nothing.  What you are reading now is the sum total of what I have written since my last post, other than a few comments here and there on my regular blog hang-outs.  I probably even missed some of them, too!  I don’t know what’s wrong – guess there is too much on my mind.  I did actually make some “Candied Clementines” à la Tandy, and started some Clementine Cointreau “brewing,” à la Cindy, plus I prepared some fresh summer squash from Josh and Sarah Beth’s garden.  Mostly, for a change I stayed downstairs, rather than being holed up in my upstairs office/insomnia room/computer den.  Also, after taking Hubs to work, I took our car-car to the Body Shop to have its front bumper replaced. (Did I tell you about that little interesting afternoon in June?  Maybe later.)  Anyway, I had to wait for the rental car person to come pick me up at the body shop, and then take me with him back to the rental agency to sign the rental car papers, then a quick trip to the surgeon’s office to find out if the thumb surgery will be done at the same time as the nerve transposition (Please, oh please!).  Dr. Cutting was caught up in some emergency surgeries and his assistant told me that rather than wait for him to call me, she would call me this afternoon (yesterday), to let me know one way or the other, but she didn’t.  So – hopefully I will find out today (Thursday).  Whatever. Whenever.  I’m just going with the flow. . . .

This feels like the proper time to post another photo of one of the Red Pandas.  This guy absolutely refused to turn around and face me, so I have these marvelous shots of his back and tail.  This photo, oddly enough, paints an accurate portrait of myself at the moment.  Back to the camera, dragging tail on floor. . .but I’m all right!  Just don’t bother me!

Thanks for the offers of help.  Looks Like Sandra wins the prize of my ever-loving blog-friendship:  She will be posting for me on Friday!  YAY!!!!  You will actually be treated to some good and cogent writing on this site for a change!  Thank you Sandra!  Actually I am also calling on Kate and Nancy for the Saturday and Sunday spots, too!  I’ve already decided that as I’m doing so well already, I might as well throw in the towel and lean on my pals this weekend.  Maybe by Monday my brain will have thawed out – or I’ll be so whacked out on drugs that I won’t care whether it’s frozen or not!  Hey!  A girl can dream, can’t she?

I’ll try to get Hubs to post a quick update on me for Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, but I’m sure everything will be fine! So here’s a quick photo of the RP, and then. . .that’s it!  I’ve done enough!

The end. . .