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I decided to take the obvious route this time.  Saw these photos again recently (they are scans made of prints made from slides – so they are grainy and in poor focus!), and I was reminded of my “entrance” into a totally new life – my wedding day, as well as the entrance into the sanctuary for the actual ceremony.

The one with my Dad was probably taken just before he leaned over to me and whispered, “You can still back out! I’ve got my car keys in my pocket. . .”  I think my reply was something like, “DADDY!  You are nuts!”

The other two are of me and my matron-and maid-of-honor, making some last-minute adjustments to my dress/veil.

The two entrances I made that day are probably the happiest of my life, along with the entrances of our three sons, our daughters-in-law, and our granddaughter!  I’ll post below a photo I took of Zoë today – I got to babysit again.  It was my “last day before surgery” visit – hopefully I’ll be able to get back into babysitting again before too long!  Thanks for your well-wishes, your support and the offers of help!  I have taken advantage of all of them!  See you next week.  Until then, my blog friends and Hubs are seeing to it that you all get enough. . . 


Our Zoë - August 18, 2011