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First of all, my heartfelt thanks to my three friends, Sandra Bell Kirchman, Kate Shrewsday, and Nancy Hatch for filling in for me over the past weekend.  It made life a lot easier for me, not having to “worry” about fulfilling my “Post-a-Day 2011 Challenge” commitment.

The surgery went well.  I was able to convince the doctor that doing both surgeries was in both of our best interests.  But, really it was in MY best interest.  I really want this #9 to be the last!  There may perhaps be a #10 down the road a way – hopefully a long way down the road – but I won’t even get into that now.  Suffice it to say that my right arm has definitely had its fill of surgery!

It might have been a mistake, but Saturday, I peeked out the window, checking to see if any birds were visiting.  Still not having a lot of success in getting photos of many varieties. When I looked out the window, I noticed that butterflies of many, many varieties were all over our butterfly bushes!  So pain, or no pain – drugs or no drugs – I couldn’t let the opportunity go by unphotographed.  So for ten minutes I managed to hold  my camera and snap photos one-handed.  The photos might not be great, but the butterflies certainly were.  There are a couple of pics in the slide show that were taken earlier in the summer – however, they are representative of butterflies that were present on our butterfly bush Saturday afternoon.  I wasn’t physically able to do the maneuvering around to get the desired shot.

BTW, the show is only about three minutes – and not ten minutes as the name of the show implies. I wore myself out, but had a wonderful time!  I’m building up strength day by day.  I will start some minimal therapy on Wednesday. As long as I “stay ahead of the pain,” I’m doing very well.  If I let too much time go by without taking some meds, it can get a bit out of hand, so I’m not making that mistake lately!  But I’m able to go longer in between pills each day, so things are definitely on the upswing!

Thanks to all of you, my dear Gentle Readers, for your loyalty and sticking around while I was “away.”  As a matter of fact, because my guests are such good bloggers, I think I got more traffic from their posts than any of my own!  Maybe I’ll keep asking for guest- posts! You have all made my most recent experience easier to bear, and Hubs joins me in thanking you all for your prayers and good wishes.  Hope to be up to speed soon. . .Until then, enjoy these few photos.  I hope they are enough. . .