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It seems that the butterflies are aware of my need, because they gave been outdoing themselves lately.  Some, it seems, are defying the physical laws of flight – by zooming in on wings so tattered and torn, it is hard to understand how they manage to achieve lift!  But they do, and they never cease to amaze me with their beauty – and infinite variety.  Some of these visitors are regulars.  I am able to identify them as such by their battle scars.  Others are new to our flowering bushes – and perhaps new to life, as they come in pristine new-born condition.  Many of the varieties that visit us here in western North Carolina produce three or four broods over the course of seasons from Spring to Fall.

Here are a few of my latest butterfly photos – some of my battle-scarred friends, and some of the more fortunate.  This group of slides is not a “slide show” per se.  You can flip through them at your leisure.  I put them in this format to take up less space.

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The resurgence every spring
Of hope on the wings of birth;
The shimmer in the air of joy
As life emerges from the earth;
Such miracles bring a sense of awe
That nothing can erase
Knowing that even the least of us
Are offered such amazing grace.

My Gentle Readers, may you all keep your hearts, minds, and souls open to witness the everyday, ordinary miracles that surround us; may you all be blessed with the abundance of enough. . .